Polishing Powders and Slurry

Cerium Oxide

Polishing Powders

  • Auerpol® FG 35, Flat glass, Beveling
  • Auerpol® FG 40, Flat glass, Beveling, Edge polishing
  • Auerpol® FG 50 fine grade, Flat glass, Mirrors
  • Auerpol® W-FO, Glass wafers, Optical flats
  • Auerpol® W 80 SMS, Crystal glass, Optical components
  • Auerpol® W 100 SMS, Ophthalmic lenses, Optical and Precision optical components
  • Auerpol® W 120 SMS, Ophthalmic lenses, Optical components
  • Auerpol® W HR, Ophthalmic lenses, Optical components
  • Auerpol® PZ 110 SMS, High precision optics
  • Auerpol® PZ 250 SMS, High precision optics
  • Auerpol® PZ 500 SMS, High precision optics

Polishing Slurry

  • Auerpol® PSC 1000, High precision optics


Treibacher Industrie AG, based in Althofen Austria, has been a global leader in the rare earth industry for over 100 years.

They work in close collaboration with their customers to meet their specific polishing requirements. More than 10% of their staff works in the research & development department which allows them to offer their customers the highest possible degree of technical support for product development. With their state of the art technologies, Treibacher can offer a broad product range spanning from laboratory, pilot trial production to industrial quantities. Their development and production process meet the very highest quality requirements in the manufacturing of rare earth compounds and chemicals. Supplier security and customized solutions are key factors when it comes to reliable customer relationships. Thanks to their long history and many years of experience, they maintain outstanding relationships with their manufacturers and suppliers. This is why Treibacher can offer a broad, specialized and high quality product range. These are some of the many reasons why NGL Nordic has chosen to be the exclusive distributor for Treibacher powders and slurries in North America.