Abrasive Powders

Calcined Alumina

PWA – Platelet Calcined Alumina

PWA is a precisely graded a-type alumina abrasive powder consisting of a plate-shaped crystal of Al2O3 with a purity of over 90%. With a tremendous range of utilizations, PWA is an abrasive powder capable of performing a myriad of functions.


  • Precision lapping for silicon, optical materials, stainless steel & other metals
  • Ideal as a performance filler material for coatings, car waxes, epoxies, and others
  • Superior raw material for grinding wheels and coated abrasives

Features and Benefits

  • PWA’s platelet crystal structure provides superior cutting rate
  • Has excellent heat-resistant properties
  • Chemically inert
  • PWA has a closely controlled particle size distribution and can produce a very fine lapped surface


Fujimi Corporation is an industry leader in abrasive manufacturing and produces highly graded material for grinding, lapping and polishing for a wide variety of applications.

These applications include semiconductor, LED, glass, ceramics and various other types of substrates. The Fujimi abrasive products are designed to meet the demands of the customer and provide the highest level of quality and consistency. For these reasons, NGL Nordic is proud to include the PWA products in to our portfolio of lapping and polishing consumables.